How to get Daylilies to Bloom Again

July is my prime daylily month and July is now coming to an end. So it’s time to think about making those Daylilies bloom again.

Many daylily varieties that are popular, including ones you may have right now, can rebloom. Their scapes, which are the stalks of the flowers, will die and they’ll send out new ones. If they don’t die back, for example, due to a seedpod, then you won’t see any more flowers. This results in the plant putting energy into seed production instead of growing larger.

Pick these little green pumpkins off your daylilies. You might get more blooms. For all the Stella de’Oro daylily growers, it is important to remove any seed pods so that you get more blooms.

If you really wanted to harvest the seeds, you can keep the pods intact and remove the seeds as soon as the pods open. Daylilies are hybrids. This means that their seeds won’t be the same as the parent. Instead, they will be a completely new plant. Which is why most people don’t like saving their seeds.