SOLIGT 8 Piece Garden Tool Set

8-piece Garden Tool Set: The gardening set includes a basket, pruning shears and hand cultivator. It also includes a large trowel, large weeder, handrake, garden gloves, and a hand rake.

Strongly Constructed Material:This heavy-duty garden kit is made of stainless steel and can withstand any soil or rocks. It doesn’t easily break or rust.

Large Capacity Basket: The hand-woven basket has 4 compartments (3 small, 1 large), and is easy to carry with the handle design. Durable, waterproof and easy to clean

Solid wood handle: Conforms to engineering design to hold. A coated wood handle with anti-slip is attached at the stainless steel piece to prevent it from falling apart. There’s also a hanging hole for convenient storage.

Safety and Professional: This sharp pruning shear can be used to cut branches and leaves. It is equipped with a lock so it can be closed when not in use. All gardening supplies are safe, non-toxic, and harmless.


Large Trowel

This tool is ideal for digging in hard soil, breaking up hardened soil clods, mixing soil and compost, or scooping fertilizer

Hand Cultivator

The cultivator can be used to loosen soil or mulch, clean a particular area and for water and air purification.

Hand Rake

This is a great tool for loosening soil, removing and aerating soils, and leveling and clearing ground after agriculture.


Thistles and other pesky weeds can be easily removed from your lawn or garden by using the head that curves.

Purning shears

Use for pruning branches and horticultural greening. Flexible switch button ensures safety.


Measure the soil depth with tick marks to ensure perfect transplants seedslings, sowing seedlings, and planting bulbs

Soligt gardening tool storage bag

The rectangular, woven basket with two sides can be used to store and display items inside your home. No more bulky bags!